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Hervey Bay is a beachside area of regional Queensland, sitting between the mainland and the ever-popular tourist hotspot, Fraser Island. Often called “the Jewel of Queensland’s Crown”, Hervey Bay is growing more and more every day as Queenslanders flock to the coast, as you can see from our breathtaking aerial photos!

Our aerial photography specialists have captured more than 600 aerial photos and videos of the Hervey Bay area, spanning from the water and the suburbs to the stunning skyline beyond. Utilising high-performance Canon equipment, our drone photography is ideal for advertising, real estate, commercial projects, and even personal use — blown up and printed on canvas, our drone photography can be used to create large wall prints at home.

Browse through our library of Hervey Bay aerial photography and shop online today. Our aerial photos are available for immediate purchase and download.

Our Hervey Bay aerial photography services

At Skyepics, we have more than 20 years of experience with aerial drone photography. In this time, we’ve captured more than 80,000 images and videos of Australia’s east coast and 600+ images of Hervey Bay alone.

Our aerial photography has been utilised by commercial real estate agents, construction companies, marine biologists, aviation specialists and more — discover the possibilities with our Hervey Bay aerial photography.

Photography for all purposes

Our Hervey Bay aerial photography has been utilised for a wide range of projects and purposes, including:

  • Gifting — Thanks to the high-resolution and detail of our aerial photos, they can be blown up and printed on canvas or photo paper to create large wall prints — the perfect gift for someone who loves their local area, or has fond memories of holidaying in Hervey Bay.
  • Advertising — Our aerial drone photography has been used for a wide range of print and digital marketing campaigns, from brochures and social media advertising to television ads, website designs and more.
  • Entertainment — Add some awe-inspiring content to your magazines and videos with breathtaking images and clips over Hervey Bay.
  • Commercial Projects — Our aerial photography has even been used for proposals and presentations in commercial settings, allowing our customers to take their businesses to the next level.

Browse through our library of aerial drone photography and check out online for immediate download and use!

Stock images and videos

Need Hervey Bay aerial photography ASAP? Look no further than Skyepics. We have 650+ images of Hervey Bay from the skies that are available for immediate purchase and download. Simply log in to your Skyepics account, navigate to your recent purchase and use the “print invoice” drop-down box to download your images.

If you have multiple projects running at once or need regular access to aerial photography, we recommend investing in our digital credit packages, where you can save up to 68% off our images and video clips!

Custom images and videos of Hervey Bay

Can’t find the right area of Hervey Bay in our library? Contact us for custom aerial photos! We accept commission-based work to ensure we deliver the perfect images for your photography project. Our aerial photography specialists will listen to your ideas, needs and specific requirements so that we can capture photos based on the brief at hand.

FAQs about our Hervey Bay aerial photography

How do I access the aerial photography I purchased?

After you have completed the checkout process, log in to your Skyepics account (if you haven’t already) and click the “print invoice” button next to your order. You will be able to download your images from here.

Will my aerial photography have watermarks?

No. Once you have purchased and downloaded your images and videos, all watermarks will be removed except for one small Skyepics logo in the bottom left corner. For more information about this, please see our licensing information.

How do I book commission-based aerial photography services?

If you need up-to-date aerial photography for a project you’re working on, feel free to contact the team from Skyepics. We accept commission-based work and would be more than happy to capture aerial photography that suits your needs.

What can I use Skyepics aerial photography for legally?

Our aerial photography is available to use for advertising, promotional and personal use. Please see our licensing information on how our digital files can be used for advertising.

How much do custom images cost?

Our commission-based aerial photography services vary based on the scale of the project at hand. For more information on pricing, please contact our team today.

Do you offer aerial photography of other areas in Queensland?

Yes! We offer aerial photography covering the entire east coast of Australia. Simply search your desired postcode or suburb in the search bar above, and we’ll deliver stunning images perfect for almost any photography project.

Can I have my aerial photography delivered in a frame?

Of course. We’re more than happy to frame large, high-resolution images for gifting or decorating your home or office!

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Note: Our images and videos are NOT for resale or license. All image and video copyrights remain the property of Skyepics. Read more about our licensing here.