Search Tips to Find Content Faster

If you want images that cover a particular location, & you know the address…

… Simply start typing the address (including the street number), then choose the correct one from the drop down list provided.


… Click on filter (top left corner) to reveal all the older images & manage how they are displayed.


If we have images that cover that site, they will be displayed.

Address Search

  This is our default search method & the simplest way to find the most relevant content for a very specific location like a full property address. To search.

  • Make sure the address option is selected
  • Type in the full street address including the street number (or suburb for a broad search) then select the correct address from the drop down list as google displays the options… hit the enter key.
  • That’s it… if we have images or stock video for that address / location they will be displayed.

Map Search

  The map search works great if you need to find images for a specific location without an address. (or with an address if you like) To search.

  • Make sure the map option is selected.
  • Type in a broad search term like Brisbane.
  • Google will drop a pin on the Map & display all the images we have for that location.
  • You can now click on other areas of the map to reveal images for that location instead… like the Gabba or the Story Bridge.
  • Try it out… call me if you still need help.

Suburb Search

  This method works well if you want to browse through all the photos we have for a suburb.

  • Simply select the ‘Suburb’ search option.
  • Then click on ‘Choose Suburb’ reveal the directory lists & work your way through them as required.
  • Good luck… call me if you still need help.

Keyword Search

Use this method to search for a specific term.

  • Make sure that the keyword option is selected.
  • Type in a keyword like ‘Port Stephens’ to reveal all the images we have for that area.


Use the filter to fine tune the search results

  • Define a Category
  • Sort newest to oldest
  • Show closeups or high altitude images only
  • Choose which year (or years) you’d like displayed