Returns Policy

Digital Files

Please choose your digital content carefully when you are ordering images or video clips, as Skyepics cannot be held responsible for any incorrectly ordered images. Unfortunately once you have a digital file you can’t just give it back as there is no way for us to verify that all copies have been permanently deleted… so choose carefully, as there can be no return or refund offered!

Hard Copy Enlargements & Framing

At Skyepics, we have a very simple philosophy in regard to providing goods to you, the customer… “Get it right the first time!” Our firm desire is to supply you with the very best in friendly service and quality products, delivered quickly & without damage. However every now and then, things don’t always go as planned… Loss, damage or destruction in transit is unlikely, however all goods are delivered including travel insurance against such things. Be careful when receiving your delivery to check for damage before you sign for any goods received… once signed for it’s your responsibility. If you do experience a problem with your order please let us know so that we can fix it quickly.