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Hawthorne Aerial Photography

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At Skyepics, we've been capturing breathtaking images and videos of Australia's eastern coast for more than two decades. Over the years, we've amassed more than 67,000 aerial photographs of the eastern coast of Australia, including Hawthorne, Queensland, and Greater Brisbane.

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Hawthorne started as a farming district in the 1860s. Gradually, Hawthorne was subdivided as Brisbane grew, assisted by the introduction of ferry and tram services.

Hawthorne has several parks and cinemas. For example, the Hawthorne Cinema complex, on Hawthorne Road, is a classic theatre which was opened in the 1940. It is part of the Cineplex Australia chain of cinemas, also including the Balmoral, Southbank and the Victoria Point cinema complex.

From above, you can observe the sprawling green landscapes and growing towers, homes, and retail areas.

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