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Coorparoo Aerial Photography

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Coorparoo is just five kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. Flanked by Camp Hill, Holland Park, Stones Corner, Greenslopes, East Brisbane, and Norman Park, Coorparoo has more than 16,000 residents - making it a bustling, ever-growing inner city suburb!

Coorparoo also has a long and rich Aboriginal history. The Coorparoo Clan lived along the south side of the Brisbane River and camped out at the creeks. The Aboriginal word “Coorparoo” is believed to be linked to either mosquitos or the phrase “gentle dove”.

Now, Coorparoo has tall towers, shopping centres, sports clubs, coffee shops, and lots of ongoing development for housing and entertainment.

From the skies, you can see houses new and old lined up in neat rows throughout the suburb. To the horizon, you can admire the vast, sprawling cityscape of the Brisbane CBD.

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